Monday, June 4, 2012

JumpStart WriMo

So I decided to participate in Julie Coulter Bellon's JumpStart WriMo. I guess it's technically NaNoWriMo who does a NaNoWriMo for June (since supposedly this is a better time for teacher's to write than November...don't you mean a better time for practically the entire world?).

Well, I'm not planning on writing an entire novel in a month. But I am planning on working on some things. My goal for June is to finish The Hostage Heart, which means I will be writing approximately 40k. Currently my word count is 47,943 words. Considering I started writing on May 8, I am pretty darn proud of myself. Right now I'm at a weird place in the novel, where I'm not sure what's going to happen next or what I'll be writing tomorrow. But I keep writing my 2k a day, and it's about word 300 I always know where to go next. I'm sure I'll have lots of cuts to make once I start polishing this baby, but I have something on paper which means I have something I can edit. And that's more than I've had for 5 years now.

I also want to finish outlining my new infertility WIP by the end of June so I can jump into that while I let The Hostage Heart sit for awhile before I begin editing. I have 3 of 6 character sketches done so far, and the hero's journey outlined for one of the three couples. So I feel like I'm making good progress there as well. I am plunging into the researching side of that WIP and it's daunting, depressing, and very informative. It's giving me great ideas on what to write. Don't worry, though...I'm hoping to put a humorous slant on infertility. We'll see how it goes.

Anyone else out there participating in JumpStart WriMo? What are your goals?



Donna K. Weaver said...

Good for you in doing this. I did one of these last January or February and was very glad I did. I'm so focused right now I don't need it.

Lindzee said...

Yay for being focused! That's great that you are already on track.

Renae W. Mackley said...

My goal is to finish final edits and submit to the Utah Arts Council contest and then to publishers. Feels good to be at the tail end of a project. Good luck to you!

Lindzee said...

Good luck to you too!