Saturday, September 8, 2012

Progress Report

I haven't updated in almost a month! Your probably think it's because I haven't made any progress, right?


I haven't made great progress. Life has been a little nuts lately, what with the twins turning one and everything. (Birthdays are a big deal in my family. A REALLY big deal. And it takes a lot of effort to pull off big deal birthday celebrations. And then a long time to recover.)

But I've made progress and improvements. I've done some great edits on my women's fiction. I decided to switch it over form 3rd person to 1st. I had 39 pages written and though it'd take an hour to make the switch. Boy, was I wrong! Try like a week. Turns out switching povs is a lot harder than you'd think. Thank heaven I made the switch only 10k in instead of 80k. Now if only I can make 1st person work so I don't have to switch it back. I'm banning myself from doing anything else on this book until I finish the first draft of The Hostage Heart. 

I've also been working a lot on critiques for my critique groups lately. My online group does their submissions the first of every month. Since I am OCD, I have to get them done almost as soon as they hit my inbox or I can't relax. It's fun to read other people's work though so I don't mind. :)

I've also been making good progress on The Hostage Heart. Not as much as I would like to, but I am still pretty confident I'll be able to finish the first draft this month. It stands at 93,500 words right now! It's amazing to look at the bottom of the screen, see there are 356 typed pages, and realize I did that. Being a writer is so awesome.

I think life is back to normal right now, so hopefully I can get back on track with my writing goals. I am going to end this year with a bang!