Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 20

I did it. I conquered NaNoWriMo. Tonight's word count for the month: 50,534. And I did it all in 20 days.

I seriously am so happy right now I could squeal. I figured that I'd finish NaNo, because nothing bothers me more than a goal I didn't meet. But in 20 days? Wow. Just wow.

My personal goal for the month is 60k...totally attainable. But I'm going to allow myself to take a few days off to relax with my family. My husband's out of school for a few days and has no homework pressing to be completed, which means we finally get a few days to act like a real family. You know, one of those families where the Daddy is home at nights to tuck the kiddies into bed and where we can go do fun things like grocery shopping together and such. I'm pretty excited.

50k. 20 days. Wow. I'd like to thank my husband for watching the boys in his spare minutes so I could write like the wind, and the twins for taking naps long enough for me to pound out a few thousand words before they wake up.

All I can say is, I don't think I've never felt this proud of myself before. NaNoWriMo? Totally AWESOME. Total success.

I think I'm totally addicted. :)

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