Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions...Let's Just Call Them Goals

Well, it's January 2nd. I guess I'm supposed to set some New Year's resolutions.

I don't really like the word "resolutions." It sounds...intimidating. Hard. Like something I'll have forgotten about and given up on by February. I much prefer the term goals. It's more comfortable, more attainable, and let's face it, just sounds easier.

First, what did I accomplished last year? I wrote 178,890 words. I spent roughly 50 hours writing those words. Which, when you consider that there are 8,760 hours in a year, isn't much. But I didn't start any of this until nearly June, and I was just coming off a 5-year writing break, so not bad. I completed one first draft (The Hostage Heart) and about 75% of a second draft (Wishing on Baby Dust).  

So here are some of my goals for 2013.
  • Finish the first draft of Wishing on Baby Dust by the end of the month.
  • Have Wishing on Baby Dust submission-ready by May. This will be time-consuming, but doable.
  • Have Hostage Heart query-ready by the end of the year. This will be a HUGE task. I don't even know how much of the first draft (which is like a seventh first draft) is salvageable.
  • Write a 1st draft of at least one other novel.
  • Engage in writing, critiquing, or editing 5 days a week for at least an hour.  
  • If it's a writing words day, write 2500 words.
  • Update my blog once a week.
Quite honestly, this feels like A LOT to do. My time is fairly limited these days. But it feels good to set goals that are still attainable, but will also push me.

As for personal goals, I have those too. Lose weight, be a better wife and mom, read some books, have another baby or two, the usual. But most of my goals are for my writing.

I'm excited for 2013. I feel in a better place, writing-wise. The twins are sort-of on a schedule (definitely better than last year). We sort-of have a routine (again, much better than last year at this time). I sort-of know when I can plan on having writing time. All in all, it's going to be a good year. I can feel it.

Here's to many words to come! What are your goals for 2013?



Laila Murphy said...

That sounds like a very ambitious set of resolutions! Mine are to get the plan for my novel sorted and write 500 words a day until it's done!

Lindzee said...

That's great! The key to resolutions is to make them attainable so we don't set ourselves up for failure. :) Good luck on your goals!