Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wishing on Baby Dust: First Draft Complete!

Last night I typed "the end" to the first draft of Wishing on Baby Dust.


This story was really hard to write, and yet very easy at the same time. It dealt with a lot of issues I've personally dealt with, and a lot of issues I have not. On an emotional level, it was hard sometimes to relive those memories. But at the same time, the fact they hit so close to home made these characters' stories easier to write. Because these characters were real to me. Their problems were real to me. It was all just so...real.

The first draft finished just shy of 95,000 words, which is probably one of the shorter novels I've written. I know the ending needs to be fleshed out a lot, but I also know that there are some things I can cut, so I'm hoping the final product will be about 90k. Usually I wait for awhile before starting revisions, but this story is still screaming so loudly, that I think I'll start revising next week.

That's two first drafts I've finished since May. TWO. Considering the twins and my five year hiatus from writing, I'm happy with that number. I want to have Wishing on Baby Dust ready to go on submissions by May, which is a reasonable goal, I think.

I'm seriously so excited!!! I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT!!! Did I mention how excited I am?



Rachel Elizabeth said...

Great job! Submissions to like publishers?

Kami McArthur said...

How exciting! Congrats!! And good luck. :)

Lindzee said...

Thanks! And yes, Rachel. :)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Totally jealous of you, then. For getting this far and for having the courage to send them in. I'm afraid that if i ever get to where I'm satisfied with one of my books, I'll never do anything with it for fear of rejection and ridicule.

Lindzee said...

My goal has always been to be published. And while I still get really nervous and feel super vulnerable when I have something out on submission, I have developed a pretty thick skin when it comes to critiques over the year. It's worth it in the end, Rachel!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Do you have publishers that you know? I heard somewhere that it can be really hard unless you are known already for publishers to even look at you.

Lindzee said...

Nope. :) It is really hard. But it's also one of those things were if you keep at it, eventually it'll happen.