Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Review: Blue Sky by Melissa Lemon

Today we have a book review of Blue Sky by Melissa Lemon. I'm so pleased to participate in this blog tour.

Synopsis: Sunny is bereaving the sudden death of her parents. Lewis is a homeless runaway seeking shelter in Sunny's basement from an early winter storm. When they unexpectedly meet, Sunny wants nothing more than to kill him. After a bizarre hostage situation and a poker game, Sunny realizes that Lewis isn't out to hurt her. Their initial distaste turns to friendship and love, but Sunny isn't keen on starting a relationship with a man she knows so little about. Lewis is loyal, and his patience paramount. Sunny is hesitant but her love runs deep and true. They are separated unwillingly, and must struggle and face overwhelming odds to find each other again.

What I Think: 3/5 stars! I loved reading about when Sunny and Lewis first meet, and seeing the dynamics of their relationship change over time. I also really liked meeting Lewis's family and learning more about them. This book also had a great supporting cast--I found Meg and Jack simply delightful.

I enjoyed learning about Lewis's past and watching his relationship with Sunny grow. However, Sunny's behavior was frustrating at times because she kept sending Lewis so many mixed signals! Even though Sunny's reasons for her poor behavior were understandable, I still felt for Lewis. Sunny eventually came around and in the end I was really rooting for Sunny and Lewis to get together. This is a sweet, clean, cozy romance, and makes for a great read on a stormy day when all you want to do is cuddle up in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate and a good book. This was the first book I'd ever read by this author, and now I'm excited to go read her other works.

Bio: Melissa has had many imaginary friends (and enemies) since she was a child. Her vivid imagination had her writing stories and jotting down book ideas for years until she finally sat down and finished a novel. She is married to an awesome man and the proud mother of three children. Music is also an important part of her life and she shares time with her music students teaching them piano, cello or guitar. Melissa is a graduate of the University of Utah and currently resides in the Salt Lake area.

You can buy Blue Sky here for kindle or here in paperback.

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