Friday, February 8, 2013

Characters, Setting, But No Plot?

Ideas almost always come to me in the form of a story question or basic story concept that becomes the basis for the plot. The Hostage Heart started out when I wondered, "What would happen if two countries were at war and their prince and princess fell in love?" Wishing on Baby Dust started with the concept of three couples simultaneously struggling with different types of infertility. The characters, setting, etc are always chosen after the story concept is somewhat developed.

Not so this time. I have some characters. I have a rough outline of the setting. I have zero idea for plot. I'm not even sure what genre this new idea is going to fall into. I'm thinking urban fantasy, but who knows?

The characters are from a novel I originally wrote in junior high. The concept for that novel is totally unbelievable and not really a workable idea. But I still absolutely love the characters, and parts of the setting. I'm hoping this develops into a book I can really love.

It's scary. Intimidating. Kind of exciting. I am plugging along, further developing the characters and setting, and praying that the plot comes to me. I am spending hours on pinterest in the name of "working," trying to find the perfect photos to represent the characters and locations. It's so fun!

There is nothing quite like falling in love with a new story.



Rachel Elizabeth said...

I must be doing something wrong with my writing, cause I don't think I've ever done anything more than a basic understanding of outline/know goals, etc. No like pictures and entire detailed plots and outlines. :/

Lindzee said...

That's how I used to do it, but the way I do it now has been much more successful for me. I do in-depth character sketches, including finding a picture for all the major and supporting characters. Depending on the story, I also find clothes they would wear, jewelry, etc. I find photos for locations. I do an outline of The Hero's Journey, filling in major goals/story questions. Then I do a chapter-by-chapter outline in scrivener (if you don't know what that is, check it out on my writing software page) and include a chronological timeline so I know how much time is passing. I did a trial this year, writing Hostage Heart with a loose outline, and Wishing on Baby Dust with a chapter-by-chapter outline, and I can tell you that Baby Dust needs considerably less work in edits and rewrites than Hostage Heart. :) Every writer's different, though. What works for some doesn't work for others.