Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Book Birthday to Wendy Knight!

Not only is today Tuesday, the twinliest day of the week, but it is Wendy Knight's book birthday for her debut novel, Feudlings!

I consider Wendy one of my dearest friends. She welcomed me into her online critique group last summer, and because of her I have met and become friends with a lot of awesome people. We've edited some of the sequel to Feudlings in critique group, and I've been DYING to read this first book in the series.

I'll have a guest post by Wendy on March 28th and more information about the book. Until then, here's the amazon link. Only $2.99 for hours of reading joy!  



Wendy Jo said...

Thank you so so much! Maybe I'm just overly emotional, but I totally cried. I'm so glad we're friends!

Lindzee said...

You are so very welcome. I'm so glad we're friends, too!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Such a fun book, too.