Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guest Post by Author Lauren Ritz

I am so pleased to host author Lauren Ritz today, whose debut novel Without a Voice has just been released! Without a Voice is a contemporary suspense novella. She is offering this book FREE today through smashwords! Look for the code at the bottom.

Lauren is not only a fantastic writer, but I consider her a personal friend as well. I respect and admire her dearly. I had the opportunity to beta-read Without a Voice a while back and thoroughly enjoyed Mae's story. I am so happy that now all of you can enjoy this book. It really is a great novella with a powerful message, and I can't wait for you all to read it.

And now, without further ado, here's Lauren!

Going Indie
by Lauren Ritz

The decision to go Indie (independent, a common term for someone who publishes without going through an agent or publisher) and put some of my books out there was a long, drawn out process. It started with the realization that most of my books (clean adult fantasy) did not fit with what mainstream publishers seem to want. On top of that the majority of my writing is what I would refer to as cross-genre, a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy; a fantasy world based on a scientific history.

Other things went into the decision as well, and I started working toward my new goal.  I determined that I would Indie publish the shorter works (anything under 60,000 words) since those are harder to sell.

My decision to put out Without A Voice first (and a HUGE thanks to Lindzee and Wendy Knight for the title) was pretty much default. Not a decision so much as a massive push from behind, that insistent little voice whispering that someone out there needs the book. So as usual, my movement out of my comfort zone came because I listened. Once I made that decision everything fell into place, from the editing to the cover art.  Doing the right thing at the right time can make a huge difference.
I figure that if even one person gets what they need out of the book, I've succeeded.

Without a Voice is essentially the story (novella, or short novel) of a young woman whose past has caught up with her. But added to that, it's the story of a young woman who abandoned her God--until she had no one else to turn to.

Don’t put yourself on the grid. No credit cards, new name, new city. Few friends, no family. Connections of any kind are a risk.

Five years ago Mae left Justin in Orlando. Never again will she cower, wondering who he'll hurt next. She's done letting him punish her.

Now she has real friends, people she cares about, a life worth living. After years of relative peace she's gotten complacent, relaxed her guard. Somehow, he's found her.

There’s nowhere you can go.

Mae can no longer cling to her safe obscurity if she's going to survive.

Once she could have run and been certain Justin would leave those she loved alone. But he's changed. Justin is the whisper in the dark, a shadow on the street, the phantom no one sees.

You are mine. I will never stop.

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Lauren said...

Thanks for letting me chatter at you, Lindzee. :)

Lindzee said...

My pleasure!