Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So there's this new website that looks totally awesome. It's called Emblazon, and it celebrates tween literature. Tween literature falls between middle grade and young adult on scale of target audience. Basically, these are your 6th-8th graders.

This website features current freebies from Emblazon authors, suggestions on books your tween might like ("If you enjoy Harry Potter, you might enjoy ____" type of suggestions), and all sorts of other awesomeness!        This website is one you want to keep your eye on. Right now they're doing a rafflecopter giveaway for all sorts of awesome free books!

Visit to get in on the fun!



Alan Tucker said...

Lindzee, thanks so much for helping us spread the word today about Emblazon! Be sure to stop by and enter our huge book giveaway too :-) Love your blog!

Lindzee said...

Happy to help!

Elise Stokes said...

Thank you for sharing, Lindzee. :)