Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesdays in Twinland: Too Smart for Their Own Good

Thing 1 and Thing 2 have a new obsession of late...cars. Specifically, they love to go somewhere in the car. Or minivan, as the case may be.

A few weeks ago, they woke up from their naps and started clamouring to go upstairs. Figuring they wanted to see Grandma, I obliged, and we went upstairs for a little visit. I forgot that it also from upstairs we leave to go bye-bye 99.9% of the time This is due to a dearth of dead spider carcasses that keep appearing in my stairwell, no matter how time I make hubby vacuum them up.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 scrambled up the stairs, yelling, "Mamaw! Mamaw!" They don't quite have the "g" sound down yet.

Once upstairs, they raced to find Grandpa's tennis shoes. They are obsessed with his shoes, and love to stomp around the house in them. So they put on his shoes, and walked around saying, "Papa! Papa!"

That was cute, and I grinned at their antics. After a few minutes of walking around in the shoes, they led me to the mud room. They promptly found some of Grandma's shoes, and insisted I put them on. By this point I was suspicious. They have learned that in order to leave the house, not only do they need to be wearing shoes, but an adult needs to be wearing them also.

So I put on her shoes. Then they pointed to the key rack right by the garage door and started exclaiming, "Key! Car! Bye-bye!"

Those smart devils, they'd tricked me into getting ready to go somewhere. And they were so cute, and so insistent, that I had to comply. So I put on my real shoes, got my purse, and we decided we'd go to Walmart. We'd just been there the day before, but there were a few things I'd forgotten (that's how it always is with Walmart, after all) so I determined we'd make the trek again.

I brought up the twins' shoes, and tried to put them on. Every time I went to take Grandpa's shoes off one of their feet, they kicked and screamed like crazy. So eventually my mom and I picked them up and put them in the car. The whole way to Walmart they held their feet straight out so the shoes wouldn't fall off.

At Walmart, I tried to put their shoes on them again. A no-go. So we sat them in the back of the shopping cart, shoeless, and wandered around the store for a while to placate the Things.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 (especially Thing 2) are getting so opinionated lately. They know what they want, and have very definitive ideas about what they are and are not okay with. It's hilarious, frustrating, and entertaining all at the same time. I love watching their little personalities and preferences emerge each day. I am so lucky to be their mother!


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