Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wishing on Baby Dust submitted!

You guys. I just clicked "send." Wishing on Baby Dust is officially submitted! I even got a very nice "we've received your submission" letter which helped alleviate my did-they-get-it-oh-my-gosh-did-i-type-in-the-email-address-wrong fears. :)

I am giddy with glee at the moment. I'm currently chatting with my friends at the iWriteNetwork, and my comments are mostly of the all-caps variety. But this is a pretty big deal for me. The last time I submitted a novel was in 2006. It was so long ago, you had to actually print off a copy and mail it (I LOVE digital submissions, so much easier!). I was 16 at the time, and while I always intended to edit the novel again and submit it elsewhere, college/marriage/babies/life got in the way.

But when the twins were born, I had a wakeup call. I missed writing, like a physical ache. And I looked at my new sons, and realized I wanted them to know their mother followed her dreams, even when it was hard. Even when it wasn't convenient. And that's when I started writing again.

Last May I began outlining Wishing on Baby Dust. 15 months later, I've submitted it. It changed from third person to first after the first fifty pages. It's been revised four times. It's been through eleven beta readers and two critique groups. I cut 28k words, and added in 27k in edits. I deleted 5.4k of those words in my overused words edit. I wrote the book while going through fertility treatments myself. I wrote it in spite of nighttime feedings and chasing after twin toddlers and helping my husband get through school. I did it. And I've decided it's okay to say I'm proud of myself.

Wishing on Baby Dust isn't a perfect novel. I'm sure there are flaws. But it's my absolute best work. I've given the book my time and tears and heart. And now I've placed it in someone else's expert hands, and I hope that it's enough.

This is an exciting milestone for me. Possibly the start of my writing career. I have a four to six month wait ahead of me before I learn of my book's fate. But that just means I get to work on my shiny-new project. :) First I'm going to take a few weeks off to just read for fun, and to get my creative juices pumping again. Then it's full steam ahead on Miss Match!


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