Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesdays in Twinland: Climbing Out of the Crib

Last Thursday, we had the bug guy come to spray the house for bugs. The twins were just waking up from their naps, so I quickly unlocked their doors (keeps them entertained for a minute to open and close them since they're right next to their cribs) and ran around the corner before they could see me (if they see me, it's all over). Then I slipped into the restroom to use the facilities before we left to run some errands while the bug spray dried.

Imagine my surprise when I heard the pitter-patter of little feet running down the hallway. Soon, there were little fingers reaching under the bathroom door.

And I knew. I just knew. Thing 2 had escaped from his crib. He'd already done it twice before, but both attempts had ended in falling and so he hadn't tried since.

But this time he had escaped. And was uninjured. And was running wild through the house, while I was, um, indisposed. 

I quickly finished my business, and found Thing 2. "Mama!" he exclaimed. And he had the most adorable grin on his face, and was so proud of himself.

"Did you climb out of your crib?" I asked.

He just giggled.

I followed him into the nursery, where a very put out Thing 1 demanded to be let free as well. And the nursery was a disaster. All the wipes had been pulled from their container. The diapers were strewn about. Thing 2 had enjoyed his freedom.

The bug guy arrived, and we left the house to run errands. Fast forward to bedtime. Thing 2, arush with the thrill of his new-found freedom, escaped his crib no less than four times in our attempts to get them to go to sleep. It only took two hours.

Fast forward again to the next morning. I woke up, and all was quiet in the nursery. So I took a shower. Things were still quiet. Since my kids are never quiet when awake, I got ready for the day. By this point, it was 8:30 and the quiet was starting to be suspicious. So I went into the nursery, and sure enough, Thing 2 had gotten loose and wreaked destruction on everything in his path. The books were strewn about, the shelves all pulled out of the bookcase. The changing table pad was in the middle of the floor. Blankets were everywhere, and he'd pulled things out of the dresser. Thing 2 proudly wore his tennis shoes, clearly ready for the day. Thing 2 had kindly provided his brother with shoes (their favorite thing to play with) to keep him occupied.

I was a little worried how nap time would go today, but they went to sleep without an issue so hopefully...

We've switched them to toddler beds now. It's been a rough transition--one I'll probably be writing about again. Hard to believe my little boys are so big.

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