Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wonhundred Word Wednesdays

I stared at the flames that had...

I frantically searched the room for something to break down the door. My true love the prince was downstairs with my shoe, looking for me. After the ball, I’d hoped…

My evil stepmother was trying to ruin everything. Again.

My search yielded nothing. I threw my hands up in frustration.

Flames shot from my hands, singing the ceiling.

I yelped. I stared at my hands. Cautiously, I thrust them out again. I stared at the flames that appeared in my palms.

I could burn my way out.

With controlled actions, I burned down the door. Happily ever after was mine. 

Wendy Knight, Author:
Kelly Martin, Author:
Alison Woods (Peering Into. . .):
Jessica Winn, The Distracted Writer:
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Lindzee Armstrong/Lydia Winters


AM Woods: said...

NICE Cinderella twist! :D

Angela Schroeder said...

Love this spin on Cinderella

Bonnie Gwyn said...

Oohh, talk about fierce! Love it. :)

Laura D. Bastian said...

nice. Love how she can run her own destiny and not have to wait for someone to rescue her.

Jaclynweist said...

Hahaha that is so AWESOME! I love it!

Jessica Winn said...

Cinderella just got a whole lot cooler! I didn't think anyone would get me to really like her quite like that. :)

Amryn said...

Cinderella plus Feudlings rocks!

The Hot Girl in the Comic Shop said...

Haha, sweet! This is a Cinderella I can really root for.