Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wonhundred Wednesdays

Prompt: He hadn't seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching.

He hadn’t seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching. The professor gazed in astonishment at the glowing ball of magic that electrified the air between him and his pupil.

“You think you’re so smart,” Jonas said. He moved his hands, the ball bouncing in the air with the movement. “But I know you’re seeing my mother. Behind my father’s back.”

The professor took a step back. “It’s not what you think.”

Jonas raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t it? This is for Father!” He shoved his hands, pushing the ball. The room exploded in fiery color. Then everything went black.  

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AM Woods: said...

Oh cool! Now I want to know if it really 'was' what the boy thought, or if there was something else. :) Great job!

Angela Schroeder said...

Loved this! It drew me in.

Laura D. Bastian said...

Nice. I'm like Alison, was it actually him getting caught, or did the kid misunderstand. Would be cool to see more of this.

Jessica Winn said...

Eep! That didn't end well. Love the vengeful kid. I wonder what the teacher's side of the story would be.