Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wonhundred Word Wednesday

Prompt: The pink glove lay on the ground, almost covered.

The pink glove lay on the grass, almost covered with snow. Isabelle bent down to pick it up, but her hand passed right through it. She wanted so badly to brush the snow away and convince Amy to put it back on. No one else should raise Amy. Especially not Gretchen.

Isabelle watched her daughter play happily in the snow, Amy’s fingers bright red from the cold.

“Amy, come inside!”

Amy ran into Gretchen’s arms, chattering happily and following her step-mom inside. Isabelle screamed. It wasn’t fair that Gretchen had pushed Isabelle off a cliff and stepped into her life.

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Jenna Eatough said...

Oh. Now that would be frustrating. The last line really lets you know how despicable Gretchen is.

Wendy Jo said...

Ahhhh! That's the saddest thing ever!

AM Woods: said...

Oh man! She should totally haunt her. Loved this!