Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wonhundred Word Wednesdays

Prompt: It was time. She'd fought against it for so long.

Rachel touched her bloody leg, wincing at the pain. The leg was on fire. Red streaks spread up her leg. Blood poisoning.

It had been stupid to go hiking alone, but she’d been mad at Sean. And she’d fallen into an abandoned mine shaft for it.

How long had she been here? Two days? Three?  Her tongue was swollen, her vision blurry.

She’d fought against it from so long, but it was time. Rachel grabbed the beam that speared her thigh, pinning it to the floor. Would she bleed to death before finding help?

She grabbed the beam and yanked.

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AM Woods: said...

Oh how terrible for her! Now I need to know what happened...

Laura D. Bastian said...

Ouch! Poor girl.

Jenna Eatough said...

Ouch! That would be a horrible choice to have to make.