Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wonhundred Word Wednesdays

I had a fun time writing this post. I bet you can't guess what gave me the idea. ;) Enjoy!

Prompt: There was a strange wailing sound coming from the next room.

Annie laughed as waves chased her across the sand. She plopped onto her beach towel, next to her sleeping husband. The warm sun soothed and comforted as she picked up a book.

A strange wailing came from the next room. Annie tried to stay in her dream. Another wail joined the first.

She pried open one eye. 2:42 A.M. The wailing grew louder. Time to feed her seven-week-old twins. Again.

As she fed them, she gazed at their beautiful faces. She was exhausted. Doubted she’d survive the coming year. Desperately in need of a beach. But they were worth it.

See how the others interpreted this prompt!

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Jenna Eatough said...

Aww. That is wonderful and captures what is given up for love beautifully.

Laura D. Bastian said...

sweet and tender. And that beach can always be found another time. Dreams can be cool like that. :)

AM Woods: said...

wonderful! Like a glimpse into real life :)